Interface NDKConstructorParams


  • NDKConstructorParams


autoConnectUserRelays?: boolean

Auto-connect to main user's relays. The "main" user is determined by the presence of a signer. Upon connection to the explicit relays, the user's relays will be fetched and connected to if this is set to true.


autoFetchUserMutelist?: boolean

Automatically fetch user's mutelist


blacklistRelayUrls?: string[]

Relays we should never connect to

cacheAdapter?: NDKCacheAdapter

Cache adapter to use for caching events

clientName?: string

Client name to add to events' tag

clientNip89?: string

Client nip89 to add to events' tag

debug?: Debugger

Debug instance to use

devWriteRelayUrls?: string[]

When this is set, we always write only to this relays.

enableOutboxModel?: boolean

Enable outbox model (defaults to false)

explicitRelayUrls?: string[]

Relays we should explicitly connect to

mutedIds?: Map<string, string>

Muted pubkeys and eventIds

outboxRelayUrls?: string[]

Outbox relay URLs.

relayAuthDefaultPolicy?: NDKAuthPolicy

Default relay-auth policy

signer?: NDKSigner

Signer to use for signing events by default

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